Welcome to our Howell Estates website, created to promote our neighborhood and to effectively communicate with all homeowners and residents.
This site is provided by the Howell Estates Homeowners Association.  It is our intention to keep this information timely and accurate.

Board of Directors meeting minutes last posted on December 12, 2018.
Treasurer's Report last posted on July 3, 2019.


Pressure Washer The Howell Estates Homeowners Association owns a Troy-Bilt, 3100psi, gas powered pressure washer.  Paid members can borrow the pressure washer for 2 days at a time, at no expense.  First come, first get.  Dave Cook (407 678-8914) is in charge of it, so contact him if you would like to use it. .The safe use and operation of the pressure washer is the responibility of the borrower.  HEHA is not responible for any injuries or damages resulting from mis-use or equipment malfunction of the pressure washer.  Use at your own risk.

Seminole County has new guidelines for using fertilzer in our yard.

Where does the $25 dues money go?                                                                              

Entrance Maintenance (Dike and Grand) – landscaping, irrigation, fertilization, sign upkeep, lighting
We have to maintain the outside of the wall, all the way around
Pay a yearly corporate fee to maintain HOA status
Interact with Seminole County Sheriff’s office to monitor crime
Maintain various committees including Welcome; Island; Beautification
Special Events;  including annual garage sale,  holiday decorating contest, distribution of American flags on Memorial Day, Santa Express, Easter egg hunt, Hallowe’en block party
Maintain a website and community email
Distribute at least four flyers during the year to notify residents of current events

And, it is all done by resident volunteers.

Current Projects                                                                              

The wall around Howell Estates has been cleaned, repaired and painted in 2018.
Thanks to Tim Benjamin, PRO Handyman 407-739-4846.

Your $25 annual dues at work. The wall renovations cost us $7,520. And it has to be done every 3 years.

Scheduled Events    

2019 Membership dues drive is now undwerway.

HEHA Annual Community Garage Sale, Friday and Saturday March 22nd & 23rd
  See more about it, and other stuff here and here.

Good Information
Water Restrictions
  While daylight savings time is in effect, it begins the second Sunday in March
      Even numbered street addresses can irrigate on Sunday and Thursday.
      Odd numbered street addresses can irrigate on Saturday and Wednesday.

   While standard time is in effect, it begins the first Sunday in November
      Even numbered street addresses can irrigate on Sunday.
      Odd numbered street addresses can irrigate on Saturday.

   No watering between 10:00am and 4:00pm.
   Use of hand-held garden hose is permitted any time if it is fitted with an automatic shutoff nozzle.
   Newly planted landscaping can be watered any day from 4:00pm to 10:00am for the first 30 days after planting.
   Car washing must be done with a hand-held hose fitted with an automatic shutoff nozzle.
   Information provided by Seminole County Soil and Water Conservation.
    Also see http://www.seminolecountyfl.gov/envsrvs/watercon/restrictions.asp


Trash Collection
   Contractor is Waste Pro 407 774-0800.
   Tuesday - household trash and recyclables.
   Wednesday yard waste limited to 10  32-gallon containers or bags.
   Friday - household trash.
   For large items such as furniture or appliances, put items on the curb for Friday's collection, or call Waste Pro at 407 774-0800.
   For collection problems call Seminole County at 407 665-2260.
   To request an additional or new recycle bin, also call 407 665-2260.

Streetlight burned out
    Go to Duke Energy or call 800 700-8744 or 407 629-1010.
    You need to give them either the number embossed on the light pole or the address of the     nearest house.

Weed Ordinance
    The nuisance ordinance defines uncultivated vegetation as, "any weed growth, grass growth,
     undergrowth or dead or living vegatative matter which is allowed or has been allowed to grow in an
     uncontrolled manner or is not reguarly maintained and which is in excess of twenty-four (24)
     inches".  This excessive weed growth must also be located within 75 feet of a structure to be
     considered a violation of the code.
     To report a violation please call 407 665-6650.
     Or send an email to dwisniewski@seminolesheriff.org , the Code Enforcement Officer.

Seminole County Code, all of them
Safety in the home check list
Tips from a convicted home burglar

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